A Guide on What to Do in Toronto

With Toronto being Canada’s biggest city, it’s no surprise it has much to offer. The city has activities from the Toronto International Film Festival to the city’s Carnival or Pride. You must not miss several activities as a newcomer. If you’re looking for how to navigate the city in search of attractive tourist sites, this page is for you. 

Here, we offer various suggestions to help you experience the city, from great bars to excellent restaurants. Get ready to fall in love with Toronto as you follow through on our expert guides and articles.

Unveiling Toronto's allure: a concise guide on what to do.
Unveiling Toronto’s allure: a concise guide on what to do.

Live music in Toronto

Only a few things are more enjoyable than watching an incredible live band. Toronto has a plethora of venues to satisfy your craving for live music. If live music is your thing, you’ll love the scene in Toronto. Rock out to the city’s hottest local and international acts with top-notch music venues, or enjoy a quiet serenade.

Whatever genre of music moves you, you’ll have no trouble finding a venue that plays it. The city has everything, from sushi bars to grand music halls. Live music tends to captivate people, and the options our guide recommends will indeed offer a memorable experience.

Great bars

Toronto is vibrant, from its rich cultural diversity to its buzzing nightlife. The city offers something for everyone: romantic speakeasies, luxurious and classy hidden bars, and more. You’ll find options from top-notch craft breweries, cocktail bars, wineries, and live music bars where you can boogie the night away. If you want to have a good time or catch up with friends in the city, visit Toronto’s best bars we recommend.

Amazing restaurants

Toronto is an amazingly diverse city, and its culinary scene reflects that. The city’s best restaurants are capable of rewarding hungry visitors in a variety of ways. Whether you want to splurge on a fantastic view or save money with a highly-praised sandwich, we’ve got you covered. 

The never-ending supply of restaurants in the city will cater to your wallet and stomach. Some restaurants stand out with creative menus that incorporate current food trends. Others stick to the classics and execute them flawlessly every time. However, we always recommend the best options you will love and enjoy.

Watch music

In addition to where you can find live music venues, we offer suggestions on concerts and festivals. You can go to a show and scream your lungs out or enjoy scenes from Toronto’s various music festivals. 

Our guides keep you up-to-date on upcoming tours in Toronto by local and international artists in your favourite genres. Suppose you’re in Toronto for the summer. In that case, you can look forward to attending forthcoming festivals of your favourite artists with references from our page.

Watch hockey

Hockey is Canada’s national sport. So catching a live hockey game should be high on your to-do list of what to do in Toronto. You can discover why the sport is so popular and loved once you experience the thrill of watching it live. 

If you’re not a big sports fan but want to learn more about them, check out plenty of options. The Hockey Hall of Fame Museum is a top attraction that teaches everything there is to know about ice hockey. You surely won’t regret checking this off your to-do list.

Go to a casino

Toronto has several popular casino options if you want to try something new and exciting. Visiting a casino in Ontario will surely add fun and excitement to your vacation. Try your hand at the various top-tier casinos we suggest by playing table games, live dealer games, or any casino game you choose.